Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Week's Goals

-Just show up. After a weekend of being sick and canceling all plans, I am left with the guilt of not following through. I am making it my weekly mission to not cancel any interviews, meetings, yoga classes, friend dates and DJ gigs. I only have one DJ gig Thursday night at Paparazzi Nightclub. I'm super excited for that, so nothing will keep me from that!

-Catch up on correspondence with Brenna, and both Grandmas. I'm planning to make each parcel special and unique and send some nice pictures as well. I feel equally satisfied writing letters as receiving them. 

-Book a wedding officiant! Also, narrow down invitation ideas.

-Finish the book I'm reading" The Brightest Star in the Sky" By Marion Keyes, plus the next three that are on deck..... technically they're on my nightstand...:)

Take Lots of pictures! Every day! All the time! And share them HERE :D


  1. these sound like excellent goals! sending parcels to your loved ones is so thoughtful but also fun to put them together! a couple of my best friends live in other states so i love sending them surprise packages!

  2. Thanks! I agree, surprise packages are fun! ANd they bring so much joy :)