Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Week's Goals- Goal #2: Correspondence.

I spent this morning writing letters and listening to Emily Haines and The Beach Boys. It feels really good to finally have completed that goal. :) This week's goals is definitely going to become a feature on Happy Ness. It helps me stay on track when my TO Do list is on the internet, where I can be held accountable. I enjoyed writing those letters so much, it inspired my next DIY project, which will be one of next week's goals. Stay tuned :)
My workspace for the day. The bay window in my kitchen. I wanted to make it a window seat to read at, but the kitties will pee on anything left on this ledge, which is lame... but it makes a great desk!


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  1. I love real correspondence, getting a real letter not an email. Good for you. Now I know I am not alone