Sunday, April 10, 2011

It'sa My LOVE!

Meet Josh.

I thought I'd take a moment to gush on how amazing my fiance Josh is. He is hilarious, an incredibly talented DJ, the smartest person I know, and also pretty easy on the eyes ;) He is my favourite person. We have such a large catalog of inside jokes from our 4 years together, that we could have full hilarious conversations, while everyone else has no clue what we're on about. He's so tender and kind to our 3 kitties, I can tell he'll make an amazing father to our ridiculously good looking babies one day.

I feel so blessed to have found him. 


Cutting the cake at our Engagement BBQ.

This was during our first couple months together. I love this picture so much. Mr. + Mrs. DJ.

At my Moulan Rouge themed bday last year (I was the green fairy).

One of my favourites of us. Judging by my short hair, this was about 3 years ago. :)

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