Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bad Dreams and Happy Saturday!

This was right before I went to DJ on Thursday.

I can't believe it's already Saturday! I only have 2 days to complete my weekly goals! I decided to not go to yoga this morning, and write letters to my Grandmas and BFF Brenna instead. It's so easy to keep putting it off, but both Grandmas have sent me birthday cards (March 2nd!) and it's already April 9th. Bad Ness!

In the mean time, I'm blogging because blogging make me happy. I had some pretty terrible dreams last night that left me feeling melancholy this morning.

I had a dream that Josh and I were in a 4 way marriage to his ex and her boyfriend. I'm friends with her in real life, so in the dream I didn't mind at first, (she's pretty hot, so I was kind of stoked. I've always had a girl crush on her lol) until I started getting shut out from all 3 of them. I kept trying to wake up, but kept waking in another dream. And in each false awakening I would ask Josh "Are we still ALL married?" And he would say no, just him and HER were. Noooooooooo! Apparently I was whimpering in my sleep last night. Oh anxiety nightmares, please go away. 

I already feel better after sharing the dream. Once I typed it out I realized how ridiculous it was, and how I shouldn't let that residual apprehension rule over my day. Have any of you ever had a bad dream that has effected your mood for the rest of your day??

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