Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Diary....

Today started off wonderfully with a lazy sleep-in and good morning dreams. I always have the best dreams after I've pressed snooze button and have gone back to bed. :)

I leisurely made coffee and played with my kitties, then had a        l o n g   a  s  s  shower. Sunshine was pouring into my kitchen and life was good. Then right about then the day spiraled out of control. I don't really want to get into it but it involved a lot of family drama, from both sides. There definitely was some hot blood running through me and all 3 of my sisters and my stepmomma today. Taylor girls gone wild.... and not the good kind of wild.

I had to work with Skye, so I biked over around noon, picked him up then walked all the way back to my house as he fell asleep in his stroller. My cell phone needed charging and so did my soul. My kitties and my home are pretty effective at calming me, as well as music. I listened to a little Emily Haines and Counting Crows and wallowed in my emotions for a bit. After about an hour I felt slightly less weepy, and Skye woke up. Seriously, that little guy has the best effect on my mood. He is just so honest and pure, and he makes me take time to enjoy the moment.

We had some eggs and hash browns then picked up Tyra Barks, my downstairs neighbor/friends' dog. We walked Tyra around the beach near my home, and basked in the random sunshine that was supposed to be rain. I really enjoy when weather people are wrong. Especially when it means there WILL be sunshine. HA! Take THAT gloomy, stupid rain! We get a lot of rain here on Vancouver Island... it gets old.

We dropped Tyra off, and then jumped on the bus to the swimming pool (I tried to take him swimming yesterday, but it was closed for Easter). When we got there we were denied due to it not being family swim time. So we hung our heads stomped out in a huff since we both really wanted to go swimming. I picked a tulip out of their garden in protest lol. Tomorrow we're going to attempt a third pool visit....

As my day came to a close, and I rode my bike home as fast as I could go, I began to unwind. I always only ride my bike fast- it's the only speed my legs go btw  ;) . Once home I shed the layers of bike riding attire and surrendered into my fiance's arms and greatlfully accepted the glass of wine he had waiting for me. Now I can finally just let this day go and just BE for the next 3 hours until dream-time. I have to wake up at 6am to ride my bike to Moksha Yoga for my reception shift and then Powerflow (hardcore advanced yoga) class. Even though it' ridiculously early, I CAN NOT WAIT! Yoga is my saving grace. After every single class I feel renewed and full of life, like I can concor the world! I definitely need me some of that right about now. Plus a little endorphines never hurt anybody ;)

Thus concludes my shitty yet enjoyable day.
This is Happy Ness, signing off.

Good night internet land.
Nessa loves you.

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