Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Week's Goals

I'm pretty proud of myself for completing most of my goals from last week!! *pats self on back* :D

Goal Recap.

1. Just Show Up-  Although I did manage to keep all my work commitments this week, I did miss a yoga class and hanging out with my Little Sister (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) due to being called in to work. I think I did much better with this than last week though! It's harder than I thought to follow through on every plan.

2. Correspondence- CHECK! Sent both Grandma's and BFF Brenna letters :) SEE.

3. Book wedding Officiant- CHECK! Her name is Joan, she is super nice, and extremely reasonably priced. I especially enjoy checking wedding related items off of the TO DO list. :)

4. Finish the book I'm reading- CHECK! Finished last night while I was babysitting. Also got a good chunk read out of my next book.

5. Take lots of pictures- Semi-Check! I could have taken much more.

There's nothing more satisfying than an following through on your goals. I challenge all of YOU to make a list for this week and see if you can do it. I suggest starting with just 5 reasonable goals, and adding one each week. Good luck :)


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