Thursday, April 7, 2011

Belated Birthday Pictures

I totally forgot to post pictures from my March 2nd b-day. I DJ'd at Hush Nightclub and had a blast! Here are some memories from the night...

DJ Bday Girls. NessT and Skylo

Arms....moving so


Note to self: Do not sing in pictures lol

Me and my gorgeous friend Becca <3 LOVE HER.

Nathaniel, Caleb, and Chantal <3

Naomi Nice and me. Clapping up a storm.

We are but creatures of the neon night <3

Where the magic happens.

Heather and I <3

My love <3

Matthew and I <3

Ness T

The After party. AKA Hat Party

Tub Time

I love this picture. It reminds of how awesome that night was and happy we all were :)

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