Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Marriage in 4 days!!!

Yup. The day has almost finally arrived! :D Hence the lack of blog posts. My family is starting to trickle into Victoria!! I've been having so much fun with my Mom and sisters Brittany and Brooklynn. We've been eating out lots, sun bathing at the beach, watching girly movies, getting pedicures, going shopping, and thoroughly enjoying this work free wedding madness week!! I'm slowly transitioning from stressy bridezilla Nessy back to Happy Ness. It's not that I want everything my way or perfect, but more so I was overwhelmed with the endless tasks and dozen of daily texts, emails, and messages from everysingleoneof our guests asking me a million questions- most of which could be answered by reading the event page or wedding blog. I'm not a fan repeating myself so my patience has definitely been put to the test these past couple of months! Yoga has been a great help throughout this madness. So has my loving and patient cutie faced fiance ;)

Life is pretty good right now. I just need to remember to stop stressing and to  smell the fucking roses :)


Pictures of my August

My lovely friend Haley in her back yard :)

Kitty circle

Belly button madness

Good old fashion keg and bbq

Cuppla crazy cats in love

My love feet

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My Dj notes for the Global Fashion Show I DJ'd

The beautiful Sari I got to wear!