Monday, June 25, 2012

High school like survey

53 Questions That You May Not Have Seen
Instructions: You should know these by now.

1: What do you put on hotdogs? Mustard and ketchup

2: Do you say "anticlimatic" or "anticlimactic"? "anticlimatic"

3: Do you check flyers before grocery shopping? never

4: Blue, black, or some other colour pen ink? pencil

5: Do you use your parking brake?i don't drive

6: Look to your left. How many framed pictures are on the wall? zero- we're moving friday

7: Do you know how to play chess? I did... but have since forgotten

8: How often do you clean the interior of your car?rarely. Our car is pretty new

9: Do you ever read the last few pages first? sometimes

10: Ever fallen in the shower? yup

11: On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to swear at other drivers? likely. people are dumb

12: What's the worst thing you've ever called someone you care about? Crazy. And I felt immediately horrible after saying it

13: Do you have a Snuggie? yes...

14: Are you allergic to anything? nothing

15: Do you have any TV shows on DVD? Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, Game of Thrones, Archer, Flight of the Concords... etc

16: How many times do you hit the snooze button before finally getting out of bed? none, i always get up

17: Ever driven away in anger? no, I don't drive

18: What's your favourite freezie colour? white

19: Are you a vegetarian? not at all

20: Do you have a garbage receptacle beside you? What's on top? a banana peal

21: Do you cross out your mistakes or erase/whiteout them? cross out

22: Ever torn something up that you instantly knew was too important for such treatment? pictures...

23: Do you think that things will get better? things are already better

24: Do you have an unpopular opinion? What is it? Probably

25: What's your favourite quote? "If you want to be loved, be loveable."

26: Did you/are you going to go to prom? LOL I'm 27... it would be pretty strange if I did

27: What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced? childbirth

28: What's the most emotionally/mentally painful thing you've ever experienced? a breakup

29: Have you ever legitimately saved a person's life?yes I have. I gave the heimlick manouver to my babysitter when I was 12.

30: What's your favourite book genre? fiction

31: Did you like "Gigli"? Be honest. Never saw it

32: Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? Yes

33: Do you peek between your fingers during the scary scenes?Yes

34: What was your reaction to Tatum getting killed whilst stuck in the pet door in Scream? cringe

35: Do dogs like you? most of the time

36: Would you say that you project an air of authority? yes

37: Do people listen when you speak? they better...

38: How are your elbows? Are they okay? they're spectacular

39: What is one thing that you do exceptionally well? Be honest. I asked Josh what it would be and he said "motherhood". My first thought was blowjobs...whatever....

40: Do you use torrents? yes

41: When was the last time you paid for music? last month

42: Are you addicted to technology? i think so

43: Pick a person (you don't need to give their name). How do you feel about them? Be as honest as you can get yourself to be.: There's this cute boy named josh... and I would totally have his babies and marry him.... oh wait... I already did

44: Do you check your computer's dictionary for the definition of words you'd otherwise feel confident about using during in-person interactions? Just to be sure? Sometimes

45: How heavily to you rely on spellcheck and autocorrect? YEs

46: Have you ever gotten into an argument on the internet? Did you win? Yes and no. No one ever really "wins" at those

47: Do you pause movies/TV shows if you have to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, or do you just let them keep playing? pause it

48: If you use a regular alarm clock, do you have it set to music or that obnoxious beeping? MUSIC i hate that beeping

49: Peter Pan? Is the reason I always dressed up for bedtime....just in case he came for me

50: How often do you fall up the stairs? rarely

51: Do you pronounce "anti" as ant-eye or ant-ee? (Example: "That scene was very anticlimactic.") ant-ee

52: Do you pronounce "via" as vee-uh or vie-uh? (Example: "We can get there via Tremont Street.") shwa?

53: How often do you forget to close your parentheses? often....

What goods' a sleeping baby if I'm still up all night with insomnia...

This past couple weeks have been pretty amazing. Every day I wake up with purpose. I feel like I've arrived at the beginning of everything I was meant to do. I'm feeling inspired and motivated- well, as much as a sleep deprived, constantly breastfeeding woman can be. I just try to do a little of each of my goals each day. I try to stay present above all. My main goal is to sincerely try and appreciate each moment and live in the now in whatever I may be doing. It's a balance of staying busy to keep motivated, and allowing myself to indulge in day long snuggle with my baby and my husband if that's what we all are needing. Just to breathe, and let go of everything that's pulling at me, weighing me down. Just to smile, because life is pretty fucking good right now. I will try extra hard to remember this over the next week. This week we are moving! I'm equally thrilled and overwhelmed. No matter how much I've planned and organized my time, the task of moving house while caring for a 7 week old baby pixie lady is a lot to process. It's out of the comfort zone of having all my things in their places. I'm never as content and at peace than when I am relaxing in my fresh and tidy surroundings. I don't like to be crowded with clutter. We live in an ever growing box city; where all the walls are bare and our feeling of home is neatly packed up in the claustrophobic mess that surrounds us.

Just need to get through this week.... then everything will be wondrous. I haven't been able to sleep for what seems like forever... my baby is sleeping through the night better then me. She is not the reason for my sleep deprivation. She is the reason for my energy and vitality. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know my little minnow. We spend hours gazing into each others eyes and trying to communicate with our thoughts. Well, at least that's what I'm trying to do. I think it could be working sometimes. I feel like she understands everything but is trapped in a small and fragile body incapable of doing what she wants it to do. She has a sparkle in her eyes, and a wildness that reminds me of me. She always looks determined; very serious. So when I make her smile it's a very big deal. Seriously- I have found someone I want to make laugh more than anyone... except for maybe Josh. We are always trying to make each other laugh. :)

Ok, I think my sleeptime tea has kicked in. Time to go try and sleep.

Think sleepy thoughts....*yawn*

Sweet dreams internet friends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Before Pregnancy
BEFORE (39 weeks pregnant)

5 Weeks

You will be mine again 6 pack... oh yes, you will be mine.

Good Mail Day!

Got this cute little package in the mail today from my bff Brenna!!!

Inside was a sweet mermaid postcard, a wooden teething ring, baby leg warmers, and a handmade mermaid doll!! I have the coolest friends :)

minnow with her mermaid friend

Just one of those days....

Yesterday started off fine... Kaleia napped and I went thrifting and for a long ocean-side walk.

Even managed to get some blogging in. But then.....

She seemed ok after a good momma snuggle

She just wasn't a happy camper (yes that is spit up on her face lol)

She just need constant snuggles and affection. She's just like her momma on a bad day.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Having a baby has really made me perfect my home yoga practice. I used to only be able to focus and do yoga when being led in a class. Every time I'd flip out my mat at home and start to do a flow, I'd get easily distracted; look a kitty! I'm hungry! I'm going to change my outfit! etc...

The second after I had Kaleia, and I was healing and feeling up to it I dived back into hot yoga full force. Finally I got to fulfill my craving for heat, sweat and a well deserved savasana! But then the reality of having a newborn set in- you mean I can't fit in a hour of hot yoga every day like planned?! Shwa?! It's not that I physically couldn't manage it. In fact, I've never felt better! The couple classes I have managed to fit in have been amazing! It's incredible what our bodies are capable of, and how much muscle memory comes into play. It was more the fact that Kaleia was a little more unpredictable than predicted. Some days (like today) she just wants her mommy, all the time- like every 5 minutes. Which makes it difficult to get shit done. Especially biking downtown, taking a class and biking back. So over the past couple weeks, still desperately craving yoga, I started to seriously do yoga at home-everyday. I keep my self inspired by reading yoga blogs and keeping a daily checklist of things I can manage to do from home that are good for me. Such as yoga, a smoothie, one big salad, a walk with bebe, and one litre of water. I seriously check off that I've done these things everyday. Lame I know, but you know what? It works. I checked off all those things everyday for 2 weeks now. And I feel great! I feel my body getting stronger and tighter every day. And my once gigantic stomach is shrinking back to normal (only when standing up at the moment, the second I sit down it's roll city!). I realize I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and I should give myself time to get back to normal. I realize this so much, that this isn't a stressful weight loss process at all. It feels more like healthiness maintenance. The important thing is to love myself now, and really just enjoy my baby and enjoy our family.
 Taped onto my computer I have my current goals;
-Eat Mindfully
-Practice Yoga daily
-Be present, enjoy the moment
-Stay positive

I find if I focus on those goals rather than superficial weightless goals I'm a much happier Ness.

One day I will do this...

This I can do!

Kaleia Minnow

My baby girl is already 5 weeks old! I can't believe how fast time speed up the second she was born. When I was pregnant time lagged on forever.
She is such a little pixie beauty. She's mischievous and a tad dramatic, already putting on quite the show. Every day is special. Every day she changes. I simply can't get enough of her. 
This whole experience has been so surreal. Sometimes it's hard to comprehend that I have an actual child, and that I grew it in my womb. It's mind boggling.
I really have never been happier in my whole life. I feel like I'm living my dream. The dream I've been dreaming since I was a little girl, of having my own family and my own home. Sometime I feel like I'm just playing house. I love it!