Monday, June 11, 2012


Having a baby has really made me perfect my home yoga practice. I used to only be able to focus and do yoga when being led in a class. Every time I'd flip out my mat at home and start to do a flow, I'd get easily distracted; look a kitty! I'm hungry! I'm going to change my outfit! etc...

The second after I had Kaleia, and I was healing and feeling up to it I dived back into hot yoga full force. Finally I got to fulfill my craving for heat, sweat and a well deserved savasana! But then the reality of having a newborn set in- you mean I can't fit in a hour of hot yoga every day like planned?! Shwa?! It's not that I physically couldn't manage it. In fact, I've never felt better! The couple classes I have managed to fit in have been amazing! It's incredible what our bodies are capable of, and how much muscle memory comes into play. It was more the fact that Kaleia was a little more unpredictable than predicted. Some days (like today) she just wants her mommy, all the time- like every 5 minutes. Which makes it difficult to get shit done. Especially biking downtown, taking a class and biking back. So over the past couple weeks, still desperately craving yoga, I started to seriously do yoga at home-everyday. I keep my self inspired by reading yoga blogs and keeping a daily checklist of things I can manage to do from home that are good for me. Such as yoga, a smoothie, one big salad, a walk with bebe, and one litre of water. I seriously check off that I've done these things everyday. Lame I know, but you know what? It works. I checked off all those things everyday for 2 weeks now. And I feel great! I feel my body getting stronger and tighter every day. And my once gigantic stomach is shrinking back to normal (only when standing up at the moment, the second I sit down it's roll city!). I realize I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and I should give myself time to get back to normal. I realize this so much, that this isn't a stressful weight loss process at all. It feels more like healthiness maintenance. The important thing is to love myself now, and really just enjoy my baby and enjoy our family.
 Taped onto my computer I have my current goals;
-Eat Mindfully
-Practice Yoga daily
-Be present, enjoy the moment
-Stay positive

I find if I focus on those goals rather than superficial weightless goals I'm a much happier Ness.

One day I will do this...

This I can do!

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