Monday, June 25, 2012

High school like survey

53 Questions That You May Not Have Seen
Instructions: You should know these by now.

1: What do you put on hotdogs? Mustard and ketchup

2: Do you say "anticlimatic" or "anticlimactic"? "anticlimatic"

3: Do you check flyers before grocery shopping? never

4: Blue, black, or some other colour pen ink? pencil

5: Do you use your parking brake?i don't drive

6: Look to your left. How many framed pictures are on the wall? zero- we're moving friday

7: Do you know how to play chess? I did... but have since forgotten

8: How often do you clean the interior of your car?rarely. Our car is pretty new

9: Do you ever read the last few pages first? sometimes

10: Ever fallen in the shower? yup

11: On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to swear at other drivers? likely. people are dumb

12: What's the worst thing you've ever called someone you care about? Crazy. And I felt immediately horrible after saying it

13: Do you have a Snuggie? yes...

14: Are you allergic to anything? nothing

15: Do you have any TV shows on DVD? Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, Game of Thrones, Archer, Flight of the Concords... etc

16: How many times do you hit the snooze button before finally getting out of bed? none, i always get up

17: Ever driven away in anger? no, I don't drive

18: What's your favourite freezie colour? white

19: Are you a vegetarian? not at all

20: Do you have a garbage receptacle beside you? What's on top? a banana peal

21: Do you cross out your mistakes or erase/whiteout them? cross out

22: Ever torn something up that you instantly knew was too important for such treatment? pictures...

23: Do you think that things will get better? things are already better

24: Do you have an unpopular opinion? What is it? Probably

25: What's your favourite quote? "If you want to be loved, be loveable."

26: Did you/are you going to go to prom? LOL I'm 27... it would be pretty strange if I did

27: What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced? childbirth

28: What's the most emotionally/mentally painful thing you've ever experienced? a breakup

29: Have you ever legitimately saved a person's life?yes I have. I gave the heimlick manouver to my babysitter when I was 12.

30: What's your favourite book genre? fiction

31: Did you like "Gigli"? Be honest. Never saw it

32: Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? Yes

33: Do you peek between your fingers during the scary scenes?Yes

34: What was your reaction to Tatum getting killed whilst stuck in the pet door in Scream? cringe

35: Do dogs like you? most of the time

36: Would you say that you project an air of authority? yes

37: Do people listen when you speak? they better...

38: How are your elbows? Are they okay? they're spectacular

39: What is one thing that you do exceptionally well? Be honest. I asked Josh what it would be and he said "motherhood". My first thought was blowjobs...whatever....

40: Do you use torrents? yes

41: When was the last time you paid for music? last month

42: Are you addicted to technology? i think so

43: Pick a person (you don't need to give their name). How do you feel about them? Be as honest as you can get yourself to be.: There's this cute boy named josh... and I would totally have his babies and marry him.... oh wait... I already did

44: Do you check your computer's dictionary for the definition of words you'd otherwise feel confident about using during in-person interactions? Just to be sure? Sometimes

45: How heavily to you rely on spellcheck and autocorrect? YEs

46: Have you ever gotten into an argument on the internet? Did you win? Yes and no. No one ever really "wins" at those

47: Do you pause movies/TV shows if you have to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, or do you just let them keep playing? pause it

48: If you use a regular alarm clock, do you have it set to music or that obnoxious beeping? MUSIC i hate that beeping

49: Peter Pan? Is the reason I always dressed up for bedtime....just in case he came for me

50: How often do you fall up the stairs? rarely

51: Do you pronounce "anti" as ant-eye or ant-ee? (Example: "That scene was very anticlimactic.") ant-ee

52: Do you pronounce "via" as vee-uh or vie-uh? (Example: "We can get there via Tremont Street.") shwa?

53: How often do you forget to close your parentheses? often....

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