Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Inspirations

This pumpkin pie milkshake looks incredible! Check out the blog A Beautiful Mess for the recipe!

This is the BEST dog costume EVER!

I love this DIY quote canvass idea from the blog Running with Scissors

Disco Pumpkins!

Bike style

I want to learn how to make these for my bebe. From the blog Yellow bird, Yellow Beard.


Around the house

My work space


We love our movies and books

Handsome Husband doing dishes :)




My awesome new backpack!! I LOVE it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thankful Ness

One of my favourite things about my favourite time of year (autumn! aka NOW!) is Thanksgiving. Turkey dinners simply taste like home. It's such a cozy, sweater clad holiday complete with pumpkins and swirling leaves outside. I love it. I do however find the idea of Canadian Thanksgiving suspicious. I know the American's have theirs to commemorate a feast between pilgrim settlers and Native Americans or so they want us to believe. But did Canadian pilgrims and Native Canadians have randomly the SAME feast at roughly the same time of year during harvest season? What are the odds?!
I don't buy it Canada. I think you just wanted a Thanksgiving of your own. But that's ok, I think its grand :D

I do love a good turkey dinner, and a reason to reflect on what makes us all thankful. So here's to fake Thanksgiving! *cheers*

Here's how I spent the long weekend :D

Saturday night my ladies and I had this deliciousness to feast on!


I decided to eat with an apron on to serve as a bib for my mess Ness

Thankful Ness

Thankful Andrea

Thankful Freia


Carving Madness

Sister Jordyn relaxes upsdie down. Sunday I went to Nanaimo for a family turkey dinner which was SO mouth wateringly delicious!

Brother Logan!

2 cute little brothers sitting in a row!


Ness x

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting- New babies Edition

I started a new full time nanny gig September with two 12 month old bebes Gabriel and Maya. It certainly has been an adjustment going from 2.5 yr old Skye who is well behaved, can talk and is pretty much the perfect child to take care of, to not one but TWO teething, crying-as-only-communication babies who can't walk yet so I have to carry them everywhere. It's been a little stressful finding my bearings. But now going into our second month together I think I'm getting the hang of it. I've definitely bonded with the little ones and have perfected eating and napping routines.

Here is a sneak speak into one of our autumn outings in Victoria.

A big fish pond we found on our travels


I'm not sure what this used to be, or what it's meant for, but it's also a sweet mini castle for kids to play with!

Maya and Gabriel Bebes!