Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Recap

I'm Baaaaaack!
I simply can not believe just how long it's been since I have blogged!! OH my goodness! Almost a full month!
As you may remember I GOT MARRIED!! :D :D September 10th on the roof of Swans Hotel to my beloved loverman on an extremely hot day. Looking back now it all seems like a blur of people, parties, hot weather, family time, and excitement. But I have to say, I was majorly stressed through most of it. I had so much going on and so many people to please I kind  of lost the pleasure of it along the way. Even on the wedding day I was in a fury of tears and stress, right up until I put my wedding dress on. But once the dress was on and I stepped into my amazing blue suede heels, my heart started to flutter. Then the next thing I knew my bridesmaids and flower girls were leading me towards my handsome Mr to Iron and Wine's "Love and Some Verses" sung and played on guitar by my sister Brittany. As soon as I locked eyes with my future husband everything melted away, and there was just us, grinning wildly at each other. The rest was gravy. Our ceremony was short and sweet, followed by a small reception in the penthouse. Then we moved the party below Swan's Hotel to the nightclub like Marquee room. We cut our wicked cake my maid of honour Melissa made us, complete with headphone cake toppers (we're both DJs so music was one of our themes). For our first dance we had a first "set" and we dj'd along side each other in our wedding outfits. It was a very long, but extremely fun night. But as I told Josh the next day "I'm so glad we only have to do that once."

Here are some photos from our day! Enjoy :D
Getting my nails did before my bridal shower

Bridal Shower Shenanigans

With my little sister Brooklynn

Sister Brittany at our Rehersal BBQ at our house the night before the wedding

Grandma arriving
DJ Ness T!

Brother and Grandma
The youngest of my 5 siblings Dillon, taking after his big sister!

Wedding morning bubble bath in penthouse

Beautiful bridesmaid's dresses

My gorgeous sisters/flower girls Brooklynn and Jordyn

My fabulous friend Nathaniel who caught the bouquet!

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