Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Makes a Happy Ness

In the spirit of getting back on the blogging horse, I sat down at my iMac today full of intention... and ended up distracting my self with everything but my computer. I guess I'm kind rusty. Whenever I feel blankness creep into my mind while trying to inspire myself I usually turn to my favourite blogs. The ones I read daily are the reason I began blogging. Them and watching Julie & Juila... cheesy I know. But I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. It left me wanting to cook and blog. Blogging is the only thing I really continued with (cooking is my husband's calling. I won't even try to compete).

Today in my inspiration seeking I came across a blog entry from Rockstar Diaries. It was a Happy List. She frequently makes lists of the little things in her life that make her happy. I thought it would be a great place to start; to help make the creativeNess juices flow.

So in honor of a Rockstar who's Diary I frequent; here goes.

What Makes a Happy Ness- Top 10
  1. Bringing my kitty Bones home from his 3 day stint at the vet. He was SO HAPPY to see me. I'm sure he thought I'd abandoned him, and showered me with kitty love once we got home.
  2. My husband setting up the fruit in the fruit bowl so that it looks like the "3 apples are bullying the lemon, but the big grapefruit is protecting the lemon".
  3. Watching Gabriel (the 12 month old little boy I care for) take his first steps (wobbly, yet surprising fast) towards me with the biggest 4 tooth smile I've ever seen.
  4. Spending all Sunday cleaning and organizing every inch of our home, then casually messing it up throughout the week.
  5. Finding a face scrub that transforms my skin after one use.
  6. Buying and wearing new socks
  7. Begrudgingly getting a hair cut expecting to lose a bunch of hard earned hair, only to be pleasantly surprised at how amazing it looks without losing any length. 
  8. Reading a whole book in one sitting.
  9. The shift from summer into fall. Magical. 
  10. Planning a Mexican Honeymoon for January, when we'll need sunshine the most. 

What makes YOU happy?

Ness x

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