Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reading List

Good morning internet land!
Today I'd like to share with you 3 books I've recently finished that I'd like to recommend. I'm an avid reader and usually finish a book every 2-3 days depending on how busy I am. So if you have any good book suggestions let me know!!

This book is by the auther of PS I Love You (a book and movie that RUINED me! I was crying mess for a week after!). This book although sad, was also delightfully charming and laugh out loud funny. It's the story of a woman who suffers a terrible tragedy leaving her in need of a blood transfusion. She finds that through the blood she's inherited the donor's tastes, memories and knowledge. This book was such a pleasure to read. I recommend to anyone who needs a little magic in their life, or a good cry as well as a good laugh.

This book is the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love. It takes a look at marriage in many different cultures, religions and throughout history. My sister gave it to me when I got married, and it was the book I read my first week of marriage. It was a nice compliment to my current life's journey and also made me confident in my marriage. It's nice to know that the problems we sometimes have are universal, and it's very interesting learning how different cultures address those issues. I recommend this book to people who are engaged, married or just curious about the institution of marriage.
This book I finished yesterday! It's the story of 4 women; 1- an egg donor, 2- a surrogate, 3- the rich lady who hires them, and 4- the step daughter of the rich lady. They are all very interesting perspectives of the women involved in a modern day conception of a baby. I read this one fast, wanting to know what the next chapter held. It's very well written, honest, and believable. I recommend this book to woman everywhere whether you have kids or are trying to conceive. Mothers will especially relate to this story. 

Happy Reading!

Ness x

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