Sunday, June 3, 2012

Possible future home!

We've recently made the decision to move out. For those that know us, this was surprising since we spent the last 2 years fixing up our current home and loving it. But after finding out that our basement suite is INFESTED with rats, our ceiling with squirrels, and our landlord's solution being dropping off rat poison and telling us to deal with it- it's time to go. The list of things we've completed is miniscule  compared to the long, daunting list of things still to do. And Josh is simply tired of being the only one who fixes everything around the house with no help from our landlord.

So we began our search last week, and luckily for us- there are tons of great options in our price range! But we fell in love with a suite that has been completely renovated already and needs nothing done to it except maybe some gardening.

We're so close to getting it!! He likes us, and is interested in having us as tenants, he just needs to check our references.

Check out some pics! And feel free to send us positive vibes in hopes that we may get it!

UPDATE! We got it!! Move in July 1st!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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