Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventure Wednesday With Amanda!

Me and Amanda <3

Today was a delightful day..... even though it started at 6am. I had my Energy Exchange shift this morning at Moksha Yoga Victoria, followed by a 90 minute Powerflow hot yoga class which was extremely fun and challenging (we worked on hand stands with partners!). Then I had a interview with a prospective part time child care gig. I got along with the mom so well! We sat and talked for much longer than necessary. Plus her kids are adorable! Cutiepie Lucas is 3 and did an impromptu dance for me lol, and little Sidney is only 10 weeks old, and I got to snuggle her :) GUSH! OMG, I love babies. Which is a good thing considering my job is as a baby whisperer. I'm excited to care for those little darlings. I love how my job is so personal and intimate. I make real connections with each child and parent, and eventually become sort of a part of their family. It is such a fulfilling career, and I love every single day I get to spend with kids :)

After the interview I went and got Tyra Barks, which is the cute Yorkie puppy that lives downstairs with my awesome neighbor Jaci. I like to take her places since I only have kitties and I can't take them anywhere. Then Tyra Barks and I met up with my awesome friend Amanda. We got sushi and headed up to Mount Douglas to get a nice view of Victoria and listen to some dub-step and drum and bass (we have similar music taste!). We then decided to mission out to Island View Beach for a leisurely stroll. Luckily Amanda had an extra pair of rubber boots for me. Here are some pictures of our adventure! What a fun day! 

View from Mount Doug. Rainy April in Victoria.

Pretty Amanda and Island View Beach.

Tyra Barks!

Cool drift wood.

Adventure balance! Don't you love the polka dot boots and army pants with green trench coat. LOL

The yogi in me likes to challenge my balance in most places.

This makes me excited for beach fires in the summer :D
Tyra Barks and cool beach wood

Amanda and Tyra in sweet beach tepee we found.

Tyra and I in sweet beach tepee.


Amanda and the sweet The Secret Garden-like path.

Tyra and I :D What a lovely spring walk!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much I enjoyed reading/looking at this post. You and Amanda are both so PRETTY!

    And all the backgrounds of these photos are lovely as well. That *does* look like a Secret Garden like place.


  2. Yay! Thanks! You're so sweet. It's nice to know there are real life people out there who are reading this :) AND liking it!