Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Inspirations

Here's another slew of pictures that inspire me to dress up more, make things, decorate, and generally be a better functioning artist.

Love the hanging lamps and pet silhouettes :)

I love the white, with lanterns and purple velvet carpet.

Amazingly cute moccasins.

This is Summertime me. I go swimming every chance I get. Even if it's freezing.

Cute breakfast nook. LOVE the chairs.

Love the eclectic, colourful, bohemian vibe of this room.

I adore this way of setting up an outfit on Photoshop. Also love the outfit!

Adorable all around. I want those gold curtains..

Dresses Heading from the Rouche website. Love it.

LOVE! I want to do a photo shoot in this position. All the yoga I do makes this very accessible for me :)

Also THIS, which is a bridge pose in yoga. lol

Cute panda nails. If only my nails could get to this length...


I am a huge fan of Nautical theme jewelery and clothing. I also prefer gold so this necklace is a big win for me.
Great blazer and a pair of trousers.
BOOKS! I love the hugeness of this book case. I could totally fill it. *Puts on wish list*
I am always curious to see other creative peoples works spaces. This desk is breathtaking. If a desk has a window in front of it, inspiration is guaranteed. What a wicked modern desk! Also love the curtains! 

This makes me want to put up lights around my bed again.

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