Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Week's Goals

Make more Daily Outfit Posts- Just because I know I could do some good ones, but hardly ever have anyone handy to take pictures.

Finalize Ideas on Homemade Wedding Invitations- I really need to start seriously considering my options here. I want them to be simple, organic looking, and definitely original. I have a terrible habit of liking everything which makes making decisions even harder. My maid of honor Melissa is helping me though, and she'll keep me on track! Any suggestions?

Make Grandpa's Borscht- My beautiful Grandma sent me 2 recipes for my late German Grandpa's borscht. I plan to make a big batch of it and fill my house with that comforting childhood smell. I hope it I do it justice and make a borscht Grandpa would be proud of!

Make Crafting Caddy- This idea came to me yesterday when I was writing letters and making cool stationary at the window seat in my kitchen. I've been trying to organize all my art supplies in the living room for easy access, but I rarely like to make things in in there. It's a big, cold room with high ceilings and lots of windows. I like that space, I just never like to be in there when I'm by myself. It's more of an entertaining room. We didn't even use it over the winter. We closed off that part of the house and referred to it as our "Summer Wing". The places where I feel the most inspired are in the office in my "Nessy Nook" aka the closet with my desk in it, my bed, and in the kitchen since it's always sunny and warm in there. So as I was carting all my stuff around from room to room it dawned on me- "I should make a sweet toolbox-like Craft Caddy with all the crafting basics, so I can make things wherever I choose!". I thrive on organization so this should be fun.

Finish reading "Tempestuous" and start on "Lambs of Reich"- Tempestuous is the third book in a series (Wondrous Strange and Darklight were the first two) about Faeries and other mythical creatures living in modern day New York. The faeries are based on Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night's Dream characters. It's totally young adult fiction (my guilty pleasure reads) with lots of romance and adventure. If you'd like to know more check it out HERE. Lambs Of Reich is written by my Auntie Janet! It's based on my Grandpa's life growing up in Nazi Germany, with one side of his family Jewish and the other marching along side Hitler. This is the same Grandpa as the one who's borscht I'll be making this week, so it seems appropriate to read his life story as I eat his famous soup. If you'd like to order your own copy you can do so HERE.

I hope I've inspired at least one of you! I never really know who's reading this and what they think, so please feel free to comment :)

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