Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Outfit # 5

It was another day of rain here in Victoria(shocker), so I really wanted to be comfy and cozy today. I went with my favourite fashion item- leggings, a deep V American Apparel t-shirt layered with a pale blue button up vest/tank-top, a gray shrug, and purple flats (which I later changed into rain boots). My day to day style simple, elegant, and comfy. Like a ballerina. I ride my bike, do hot yoga, and chase after kids daily so I need to be able to move, but I like to look graceful and still put together. I love layers, which are kind of a necessity in Victoria with the ever changing cloud patterns, and glimpses of very hot sun followed by chilling winds. It's an never-ending dance of between being too hot and too cold. If it wasn't raining, I would expand my choices to skirts and dresses (sometimes I still do despite the rain). I do love me some dressing up from time to time. I have some opportunities to do so this week, and I'm totally looking forward to it :)

Even though my man was home and attempted in helping me take pictures... the better ones were the ones I took of myself in mirrors around my house.

Bones, One of our beloved kittysons <3

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