Monday, April 25, 2011

My Week in Pictures

Beach 5 minutes from my home.

Andrea got engaged! Now we can be brides and each others' bridesmaids together!


This was a really fun night :)

7am walk to work. Gorgeous sunrise!

I told him to point at the tide pool, so he pointed with two middle fingers lol

Love my job! I get to spend every sunny day outside with amazing children :)

Madilynne- my little sister from Big Brothers and Sisters

My new favourite place in Victoria

I really can't wait until it's really hot outside and I can dive off of here without freezing!

Random Pirate ship sailed by.... video to come!

Found 3 pars of these glasses on the side of the road!

Niall and I. Chillen.

Melissa and I being silly.

While left in the back of the car to their own devices, Amy and Vanessa have a hat party!


Amanda and I


I took this so I could see how long my hair has grown. I used to have a pixie cut so I really can not wait until it's waist long!

Amanda <3

Cake like bag

Midnight dress up and champagne

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