Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mad Men Week Fail

Clearly, I have dropped the ball on Mad Men week! I had all these outfits planned, and then my batteries for my camera died....and I couldn't find the charger for them! So next week I shall get a new one and have a nice photoshoot of all the sweet outfits I put together.

I've definitely still been watching the first season and LOVING it. It's almost better the second time around. :)

Here are some lovely pictures I've gathered this week!

  I adore this office! Perfectly organized, light and pretty.
Cute initial necklace! I want.

I'm a big believe in the power of lists. This is a great one!

Adorable :)

Braided buns atop ones head are beautiful

Bridget Bardot. Hair-spiration

I love everything about this series of photographs....

I need a sweet backpack like this one.

This is the colour of purple I want my bouquet flowers. I love Irises!

To get: High waist jeans and gray blazer.


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