Friday, March 11, 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday

1.   My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is   Being in the best shape I've ever been for a full year. It started with my new obsession with bicycling, and grew when I became addicted to hot yoga. I suffer from seasonal depression, especially on the west coast with it's gray winters, so having those much needed daily endorphins has greatly improved my quality of living, my health, and my physique.

2.  My favorite place to sit in my house is  At my desk which inside the office closet. I call it "Nessy's Nook". I have a good view out the window and of the tv if we ever watch a movie. The only thing is.... I HATE the swivel chair that is where I sit. Love the spot, hate the chair.

3.  My fashion philosophy is  I like simple and elegant. Classic, dancer type attire. Minimalist but with a Bohemian vibe. Kind of mod as well.

4.  Something every girl should have is     A camera. That way you can record everything! From inspirations to daily outfits!

5.  If you looked in my purse right now you'd find....   wallet, lip balm, ipod, sunglasses, moleskin journal, day planner, pens, glue, scissors, nail polish, Blackberry, eyelash curler, Bad Gurl lash mascara, Benetint, random bits of paper, and other miscellaneous junk.

6.  My favorite music right now is      Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Emily Haines and Band Of Horses... plus many many more

7.  My favorite part of my body is     My decolletage...


  1. I've always wanted to try hot yoga! I'm needing some sunshine soon in my life too! xoxo

  2. I recommend hot yoga to everyone! It's so beneficial to your mind and body. Not mention you burn like a thousand calories! :)
    It's definitely a warm oasis in the midst of freezing winter as well!