Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing the Holy Grail of Hair Products!

I am kind of obsessed with products; hair, skin, makeup, whatever! I am always on the hunt for the ultimate elixir that will change my life.
Yesterday, I found it. Moroccanoil.
I have been reading a lot about it lately in blogs and have been drawn to the promise of silky smooth, glorious hair. I didn't know if I could even find it in Canada, but the first salon I tried had a jumbo bottle of the syrum on sale for $40. I immediately bought it while trying to stay calm and get home as soon as possible to wash my hair and try it. I am simply am in awe. First, it smells amazing, and makes my hair smell amazing all day long. Also, it has a unique quality of instant absorption so it doesn't leave your hair greasy or heavy. You put it in your damp clean hair and it somehow speeds up drying time, so it took only 10 minutes for my hair to air dry. Usually when I air dry my hair its frizzy and not at all what I hope it to be. But with Moroccanoil it's smooth and shiny and healthy looking. 
Needless to say I am ADDICTED, especially to the smell... mmm


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