Friday, March 18, 2011


As St.Patrick's Day passes, I remember Easter is the next Hallmark holiday coming up. When I was a kid I loved Easter as much as I loved Christmas. In a Christian home they are equally important holidays, and we did get presents on each of them. :)
Easter always reminds me of spring, flowers, chocolate and baby animals. I love all of those things. Plus working as a caregiver, you get to experience every holiday through a child's point a view. I love it!

This year, the mister and I have planned to take a 3 day trip to Vancouver, and stay in a hostel right downtown. We plan to wander the streets getting familiar with the neighborhoods in preparation of our big move to the mainland (hopefully) this summer. I'm looking forward to leisurely strolling hand in hand (or HANS in HANS as we call it lol) exploring the new city we will be calling home, eating out at sweet restaurants, taking the Sky-train and buses to random places just to see what's there, and just having some one on one time with my Love.

Do you have any interesting plans for Easter?

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