Sunday, March 20, 2011

Twas the eve of Mad Men week...

Hello there,

 Happy first day of Spring!! I had my official first day at the beach in the sunshine yesterday, and the regular freezing to my core day at the beach today. Whatever! DID YOU SEE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS AROUND VICTORIA!?! OMG I am in heaven! I love love LOVE spring! It only gets brighter from here :)

 I'm happy to be sharing with you my new endeavor. I have been inspired once again, by Mad Men, while re-watching the series from the beginning. I immediately wanted to go to my closet and put on some vintage. I realized how many fun Mad Men outfits I had and how I never really had an occasion to wear them. (LIGHT BULB).
I am dedicated my blog this week to a simpler time, when woman were second class citizens, yet dressed divinely! They had to use their sexuality as a means to getting what they wanted in a Mad Men driven world. Luckily, my job is perfect for this experiment. I'm going to incorporate it into every aspect of my life as I can. I was going to use the same technology, but then I realized I couldn't blog as I go, nor could I watch Mad Men online. LOL. I also decided to loop my ipod and Blackberry into that category...

 I'm excited for this fun mini-project to go along side my MAIN reason for loss of sleep this week; WEDDING. We have decided to have our wedding in Victoria after all. We're still having our honeymoon in Mexico, so I'm pretty excited! I still get to go to a tropical place this year. AND now I get to have a cool/indie/DIY/homemade wedding in the town we met and fell in love. :) I have so many wedding related posts already in the works, and I can't wait to unveil some of my ideas for our autumn wedding. (11-11-11)!

 This week in blogging is going to be good. Pictures and write ups about wedding location scouting, adventures in childcare, baking, cooking and fashion- all the while Mad Men style.  Follow my Happy Ness blog and get email updates as I go!

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