Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad Men Week: Day 1

 Last night I set out some outfits for Mad Men Week :) I love putting outfits together all on one hanger, including jewelery!

    This morning was an early one, I woke up at 6:30am and saw rain out my window (surprise surprise!). I resisted the urge to put one tights and a v-neck and put on my first Mad Men outfit of the week. A beige and white, floral, empire waist sun dress with built in crinoline. The dress by itself isn't very flattering and add 10 pounds to my hips in puffiness. But paired with a red sweater and some accessories, it's not so bad. I guess I'm just used wearing more stream lined clothing. I feel like I should be wearing a wide load sign on my back. LOL


    After dragging my ass out of bed, getting dressed up, and 2 buses later.... I get to work at the Twin's house and remember that they were on vacation and I didn't have to work today. DOH! This is me smiling while waiting for the bus home. Now my day holds so much possibility! I headed home, after a quick Tim Hortin's stop, and got to blogging while watching more Mad Men. I also took a bunch of pictures, check them out below....

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