Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things you should never say to a pregnant woman... A rant.

Things people should never say to a pregnant woman but still do- all the time;

-"Wow! You're so huge! Look how big you are"
The last thing an emotional woman who's gained weight wants is attention brought to her size. Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean her body should be an open topic of discussion. The polite response would be more along the lines of "Wow you're glowing! Pregnancy suits you! You're hair is so thick and luscious!" Any compliment would go very far.

One of the most annoying things I found with being pregnant is people telling me really obvious parenting advice- like they think I don't already know or couldn't figure it out on my own. Such as "You know babies need sunscreen and should be kept out of the sun"- No really? I was going to try give my baby a good base tan this summer. COME ON!? I guess it's more insulting to me since I'm in childcare so people who know me should realize that I know all this already. My advice to pregnant woman: "(nothing)". You are smart enough to figure it out on your own, and if you have a question I am more than happy to answer it.

-"My friend only gained 20 pounds when she was pregnant." or "When I was pregnant I didn't show until I was 6 months"
Every single pregnancy is different. How does comparing her to someone else supposed to make her feel? You're going to give her an eating disorder or unneeded stress. Pregnancy is the only time in a woman's life where it's healthy to gain weight. Don't take that away from her! Just let her be. And if 2 years after the baby is born she still is carrying extra weight SO WHAT? How does another person's weight affect you? Just mind yo bizness.

-"You're so huge already you must be having a boy"
Again- why is it suddenly ok to comment on someone's weight once their pregnant? Although guessing the sex of baby could be harmless fun, but insisting they're having a boy because they're SO HUGE is just rude. Everyone said that to me and I'm having a girl're dumb.

-"I hope it's a boy, I wouldn't know what to do with a girl"
My mother in law said this and it really rubbed me the wrong way. Then when she found out it was a girl she said
"She better not be a girly girl, we'll have to toughen her up" (She see's being a girl as a weakness).
How about we just let her be who she wants to be an not judge her before she even leaves the womb? I am all about letting my child discover who she is, and allowing her to think freely and create her own identity. I'm going to try to show her all side of being a woman, from being a "girly girl" and enjoying clothes, dress up and pretty things to being adventurous, getting dirty and the fun of being a tomboy. I want her to be well rounded and open minded. I want to teach her to embrace her femininity not apologize for it. Being a woman is something to be proud of. I almost feel sorry for my mother in law for feeling the need to act like a man to be validated.

I hope some of you have enjoyed my little rant. It's not supposed to be serious, just a silly rant about how people can drive you crazy when you're pregnant. And if I offended you- I'm sorry, but this is my blog and I'm entitled to my rants :)


  1. Nicely written Ness :) You actually made me laugh out loud.

  2. I like it... I think I'll stop with the "holy cow you are HUGE!" comments... I admit I do that a lot!! haha... keep laughing and having fun! You're little lady is about to enter a beautiful world full of laughter and love. I'm sure you are glowing, and your hair must be thick and luscious! haha... I'm sure you're a babe pregnant. Wishing you the best for the home stretch! You're going to be an amazing mama... well, I guess you already are! *best-Katia

  3. I miss you Katia!! You're such a sweetie :)
    And don't worry, until I got pregnant I said the same things! lol