Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home and Garden FUN!

I really didn't think it has been that long since I blogged! 10 days! woah. What have I been doing?! I have been enjoying the Easter sunshine our new back deck green house my husband has been building! It's been so beautiful here in Victoria lately, it certainly feels like spring. I've even gone for an ocean front walk in just a t-shirt, ate lunch on a patio by the inner harbor, and got some colour/freckles on my face! I almost forgot just how good it feels to be warmed by the sun. It may be raining today, but it's still pretty mild, and our garden and grass are going to love it after enjoying all that sunshine!

 I am so excited to start some landscaping in June! We're waiting until then because we currently have tenants in our basement suite who have an enormous dog who pees in LITERS and ruins anything that grows. Plus they're really dirty and messy with garbage. I'm so sick of having to pick up after them....sigh. But come June 1st my brother in law Logan will be moving in and helping us fix up the suite, and the yard! We plan to tear down an old ugly fence, build a new white picket fence further out in the front yard, and put paving stones for a bbq patio in an area that is all dog piss mud at the moment. Plus adding some grow boxes for our veggie garden in the front yard, build a garbage hut for our cans, and plant some trees. This summer will be really about landscaping and cleaning up the yard, next year we will have a more established garden. In the meantime, our back deck green house, indoor window boxes and "legal grow-op" in the basement works just fine.

Here are some pics of our progress so far on our adventures in home and garden!

Bay window boxes. This was before we had the grow op downstairs to start our seeds so some plants worked better than others. It's a learning process!

Bathroom ferns

Bathroom window boxes

Minnow's room plants

Kitchen cat nip

Most of those are strawberries with some different kinds of lavender. And at the bottom is an apple tree that was sliced to grow 6 different kinds of apples!

Random assortment of plants. And all that mud by the stairs is from the dog. It used to be grass. It will be a paving stone path with grass between when we get done with it!

Back deck green house! Even on a rainy day it's lovely to be in!

Introducing; our basement legal grow- op! Only veggies and herbs. No weed lol

These ALL were once just seeds.

Climate control and light cycles set up.

We will be putting a white picket fence on that cement line in front of the tree and around. Then we will build some grow boxes to go in here :D The land by the fire hydrant is city property so for now we just cut the grass there. But I think we might do some gorilla gardening in that space!

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