Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Inspirations

Cozy spring sweater
I've officially started my maternity leave this week. I've had to take an extra 2 months more than I was anticipating- unpaid- due to unforeseen health concerns with my pregnancy. Nothing too serious, just some pain in my pelvis, abdomen, hips and back called symphysis pubis dysfunctions. Basically it means I have shooting pain if I bend, lift, go up stairs, go for long walks, push a stroller or pretty much anything relaying to my job in childcare. I'm pretty much supposed to be on bed rest. Which is practically impossible for someone hyper like me. I usually always have a hundred things going on a once, and many responsibilities, commitments and yoga classes. It's a pretty bizarre concept for me to just sit still and "take it easy".... for the next 3 months! I can manage a day or two of laziness but then I start to go mad and get stir crazy. There's just so much reading, knitting and tv I can take. I start to feel guilty and depressed that I'm wasting my days after a while.
At least I get to sleep 9-10 hours a night plus have a day time nap. The sleeping really is glorious. Pregnancy dreams are even more vivid and random than usual...and I'm a very lucid dreamer to begin with. I have a whole other life in my unconscious hours! And I guess it's good to stock up on sleeping hours before my little minnow arrives. I know that I'll be looking back on these lazy months with envy some day so I'm trying to make the most of it. I've already had a scare this week where I thought I might be going into preterm labor, so I HAVE to slow down. Might as well enjoy it!

Here's some inspirational pictures I've collected from the internet this week!

Aw <3

I'm soo craving some new ink. I love this simple one.

This is clearly a fake tattoo, but I love the concept. Would be a beautiful real one

I need these wine colour jeans. Or at least the same colour of legging to wear while pregnant


I'm making this into some art later this week for Minnow's room
I love neutrals, and I love this outfit from


I think it's about time I have a tea party. This one gives me hope for spring!

One thing I'll miss most while being on bedrest is hikes in the woods during spring

piles of light

My biggest inspiration of all; my beautiful little girl. I can't wait to meet her <3

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