Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Makes a Happy Ness

  •  Sleeping back to back with my biggest kitty mr.fedwell
  • Planting seeds in all our new flower boxes and watering them everyday... then getting SO EXCITED once they start growing
  •  Waking up and reading in bed for an hour before getting out of bed
  • Movies and snuggle days with my love
  • Making my husband's lunch every morning, complete with funny/sexy surprise notes in his Tupperware.
  • Every time I notice my hair has grown more. (One step closer to my goal of being able to wear my hair as a shirt!).
  • My silly little birds in the morning- they're just so freaking excited to see me!
  • My husband reminding me to do my kegals (he really DID read the baby books!) Funny how that one piece of information stood out to him....
  • Just sitting in my daughters room and dreaming about meeting her. It's so clean an un-lived in! I can't wait until she messes it all up.
  • Getting into a freshly made bed with soft, clean Egyptian cotton sheets.

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