Friday, February 10, 2012

I love visiting closets

Being almost 7 months pregnant really limits my wardrobe choices. I basically live in black leggings, long v-neck t-shirts, a cardigan, and moccasins. It gets kind of boring but I can't seem to desire anything from my clothes other than comfort these days. Especially while on bed rest at home... no point in dressing up for just my kitties. And no matter how many different ways I ask Josh how I look I always get the same answer from him (while not even looking at me) "you're always beautiful". Which is sweet... but not helpful when deciding what to wear. or when fishing for a specific compliment. And whenever I challenge him with "you're not even looking!" he replies "I've been checking you out the whole time".... touche husband. Touche. (LOVE that man).
But as time passes and I'm still in leggings, I can't help but day dream about exciting outfits, skinny jeans and clothes that require a waistline.... sigh. Whenever I'm feeling this way I go to the blog and visit some rad chick's closets.
Here are some of my favourites from today.....
LOVE these accessories

Shirt +shorts+ shoes = perfection

I need this hat in my life

I have a similar scarf... hmm maybe I could pull off this look now whilst preggers...?

rolled up overalls and strips. NEED

I just have a girl crush on her. She's super cute!

All my tshirts that used to fit me like this are skin tight now...

(LOVE this room!) I look forward to wearing leggings in neutrals... definitely can't get away with that now

I miss my dancer body suits

small tailored dress with open back... you will be mine again....oh yes... you will be mine.

In this picture I envy her back yard! and tumble weed...

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