Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

This week has really been an adjustment. Since I'm now on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy I am basically stuck at home for the next 13 weeks. It's really strange doing nothing all the time. But I must say- it could be worse. I get to sleep multiple times a day, read for hours, snuggle my hilarious kitties, spend hours on the internet, and spend a ridiculous amount of time in the bath. I feel like I'm going against my very BEING by just taking it easy all the time- every single day, so it is kind of unsettling. But as the days slowly pass, the next even more relaxing as than the other I find myself enjoying it more and more. It's really nice to be able to take all this time just for me, before all my time and energy are devoted to the little girl in my belly. Another perk of being home all the time is how I get to take care of Josh. I wake up with him every morning and make him breakfast and his lunch for the day. I even have dinner ready for him when he gets home. I feel it's the least I could do since he's completely supporting me while I'm on my unpaid maternity leave.  And he absolutely LOVES this arrangement. He's been in such a good mood lately. The better I feed him and take care of him the happier he is. I can see why this old fashioned dynamic has worked for so long. Our lives have such harmony with one person working and the other being the homemaker. I can't wait to add the little Minnow to the mix. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with her. Once she's older I plan to turn our basement suite into a home day care so I can continue to be a stay at home mom but still making an income. I know this wouldn't be for everyone, but for me, being a mother has always been my number one dream. I think that's why I've been in childcare for so long; I am born to care for children.

I feel completely content with my beautiful life and the direction it's going in. Josh and I have honestly never been so in love in the past 5 years together as we are right now. Our lives have changed so much since I got pregnant. We used to spend all our time out on the town, at clubs and bars DJing, and with friends. Now we spend all our free time working on our home, our garden, and just enjoying each others' company. It's complete domestic bliss. The only little thing missing will be joining us soon :) Her little room is all set up and ready for her. We are beyond excited to meet her.
I am so thankful right now I feel like my heart is going to explode rainbows and fairy dust everywhere!

Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.... <3


  1. Vanessa, I always love reading your blogs but it sure did put a smile on my face to see how happy you are! That always shines through in your posts but I love when you clearly spell it out as well. Enjoy your time off - and can't wait to see pics of you and your little babe!