Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Lovin'

 (Post from last night that didn't post due to internet deficiencies)

Last night I slept for 13 glorious hours. I had today off and I wanted to continue the construction of a summer camp I was building in my dream. It was a pretty satisfying dream :)
(My dream) It all started when I was trying to make mermaids with a "mermaid syrum" at the bottom of this tiny pond on a piece of land I purchased in my dream. In order to reach the bottom of the pond I had to jump off a helicopter to get thrown deep enough down. LOL. Needless to say, the mermaid syrum was a bust, so I then decided to use the piece of land I purchased to build a wicked summer camp for kids.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to horse camp every summer at Circle Square Ranch in Alberta, plus a couple other christian camps with my family. I treasure those warm memories and I guess so does my subconscious Ness :) Plus I always had this random idea of having a piece of land that runs a summer camp/self sufficient farm. I adore children, and this is basically what I already to as a career; I am really good at creating special memories with the kids I take care of, especially in the summer. I always imagine them looking back at those adventures we had with the same smile I do with mine.

After my glorious lie in Josh surprised me with a special day date by taking me out for lunch (since I had slept until 1pm) at our mutual favourite Milestones on the Inner Harbour. I had my usual California salad and Josh his usual burger. When we ordered our Bellinis we got them in FISHBOWL. Which my just woke up stomach later regretted...
Sexy pants Himself

Mermaid Bellinis... the reason I keep coming back ;)

After lunch we ran around town in the wonderful sunshine gathering all the things we needed for a lovely snuggle in the backyard; a new book for Josh from Chapters, more Palm Bays, food, ect... It was amazing to be in the shade an still be warm. Pure bliss. After we read for a while and discussed plans to renovate the backyard we retreated to the smallest room in the house for some movies and more snuggles... today was heaven. <3

Reading his new book on the bus :)

Bus Ness

Backyard blanket lovin


Beard vs. Freckles!

I also wanted to share these pictures from the weekend. We spent an entire day watching movies, eating and being romantical. :) Loving life!


Bones looking pensive.

My iMac "Nook"

We watched Now and Then (from my girly summer movies list)

Bright Lights

Now and Then, plus Josh's map he's working on for his portfolio to art school.

Too hot for pants

Hand vs Foot.

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