Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am so incredibly proud of my little sister Brittany Joelle Taylor. Well... she's not that little, she's 23 now and embarking on the adventure of a life time! She left from our home town of Calgary, Alberta last week for a stop over in Venice Beach, California. Then she flew to Syndy Australlia, where she will be traveling until coming to Victoria for my wedding in September. After that, it's New Zealand, Thailand, Bali and Christmas in Japan! She's also starting her own travel blog to showcase her journey. I'll be posting some of her pictures and links along the way. We will also be blog pen pals and show our video letters on each others' blogs :) I am pretty excited about this! It makes me feel closer to her, even though she'll be on the other side of the globe.
Here are some of her photos from her stop over in Venice Beach. These pictures make me smile and miss Brittany so much! I'm really happy we were able to spend time together a couple weeks ago and have her at my Bachlorette party. We are best friends and this will be the first Christmas we've spent apart (She's even the face of my mermaid tattoo!).

Hope you enjoy these adorable shots as much as me :)

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