Thursday, June 9, 2011

A series of Unfortunate Events

Last night I got back from a camping trip of epic proportions. I drove up with the lovely faced Heather (who's birthday it was) at around 11pm to meet Andrea, Brian, Freia and Haley who had already set up camp. We got ridiculously lost and had to have them come find us, so we didn't even get to the campsite until 1am. But once we got a drink in our hand and a chair by the campfire we were happy. We got a little silly and then we got kind of wild... went to bed when the sun came up.

After breakfast we got our tubes ready for a leisurely float down the river, but once we go there we realized the river was a good 4 feet higher than usual and a LOT faster. We risked it anyway. It was fine for the first while, but then I accidentally went over some rapids the wrong way, got flung of my tube and pretty much almost drown. Luckily I am a strong swimmer and managed to get to the side of the river before I got to tired, and before I got seriously injured.  It felt like being inside an extreme washing machine, being quickly pulled and spun along the rocky bottom. My legs are covered in bruises and cuts. Then that happened two more fricken times at different rapids.... it was intense. We decided to call it a day after Freia's tube got a huge gash in the side and deflated. That sure was an adventure; it was equally terrifying and exhilarating. I certainly felt ALIVE!
So many other crazy random things happened... some I won't even post on here... but I will hint that someone got a ping pong ball stuck in a very questionable spot.... LOL Also there was a Tokyo drift that went horribly wrong landing one of the cars in a ditch.... Bitches be crazy.:)
I hope you all enjoy the pictures from our gong show!

Me. Chillen.

Andrea making us breaky



Haley with our morning Caesars

Freia in her ridiculously cute overalls

Haley and I had to go into town for more liquor and a birthday cake

Heather's presents
It's just her finger... don't worry lol

She likes them

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