Friday, June 17, 2011

My Week in Pictures

Here is a photo dump of my favourite pictures from Last Friday until this Friday (today). I was working (with kids) or sick this week, so I didn't get up to much socially. I did get my mermaid tattoo finished though!! Once it heals a bit I'll show you ;)

Taken at Beacon Hill Park, one of our many stomping grounds :)



Ness and Chris

Pensive Chris

Skye. Preparing to boat.

"This is a very fun kayak" -Skye


Ness and Amanda at Jumpship

Chantal and I at Jumpship

Heather + Ness

View from stage

Myself with some hard working men in blue ;)
The top of my mermaid back piece. I finally finished it Thursday after 2 years and 19 hours!

My kitty sons enjoying a cuddle puddle

The twins and I enjoying some summer sunshine and nature

Proof of pinching incident


Axe clouds

Enjoying iced green tea and cupcakes from a local bake sale :)

I said "Make the biggest possible smile ever!"

Jam and cheese sandwich, and 3 cheese mac n' cheese. We like cheese....

Twins enjoying The Fantastic Mr. Fox that I brought over... one of my favourites!

My new leopard camisole to wear for support while my back tattoo is healing. Bra straps are the worst! Ouch

lazy clothes

Lion's head necklace!

My handsome husband (to be!) <3 <3

Date night drinks :)

LOL He kept me entertained with surprise Photobooth pics. Every time he'd hear the count down beeps he'd turn and pose, so I kept taking pictures at random times to see if he was paying attention lol

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