Saturday, June 4, 2011

i heart books

I haven't been blogging much lately because it's been so summery here on Vancouver Island so I've been outside as much as possible soaking up the sun and lazily reading.

This is a different cover than the one I bought.... mine is better :)
 I just finished the Young Adult Fiction book "Sirens"by Tricia Rayburn. You can check it out HERE.
I loved it. It was an easy breezy summer read about gorgeous murderous mermaids who lure their lovers under the sea to their deaths. AND the main charactor is named Vanessa. :) A great girly fantasy to read while lying on the beach :)

I really wanted to read this before I saw the movie. Which I also really want to see :)
Currently I am reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. So far I am enthralled! It's really easy to get lost in the world of the depression era, travel by train, big top circus. I have ALWAYS, for as long as I can remember been mesmerized the circus. From attending the Shriners and Gatti Circuses as a kid, to the movie Big Top PeeWee (I was obsessed with PeeWee Herman!); anything circus related I was intrigued by. I am inside on one of the most beautiful summer days yet for the morning, just so I can catch up on blogging. But I definitely plan to take this book, my beach blanket, sunscreen and hat to a sunny beachy location as soon as I'm done here :). I have 4 glorious days off with my Mr and the forecast is all sunshine! Life is good.

This is my absolute FAVOURITE book of all time. I have read it 7 times, usually in the summer, and I plan to relish in the eight summer read right after Water For Elephants :) Check out my favourite anther's website HERE

Sorry for the lack of awesome blogs lately! It doesn't help that I lost the battery charger for my camera, so I haven't been taking as many pictures. But I'm getting another one today! Expect more pictures of my summer adventures around Vancouver Island!

Happy Summer ya'll ;)

Extreme Happy Ness! :)

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