Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girly Summer Movies

If you don't already know, Blockbuster is going out of business by the end of this year,  meaning tons of $3 dvds!! I just stocked up on whole wack of them! That is definitely one of our favourite things to do to unwind at night, curl up and watch a good movie with some popsicles (our mutual obsession), some of BC's finest herb, and our kitties :)

I used to work at Blockbuster when I lived in England, plus I wanted to be an actress so my film knowledge is intense.  For summer time, I like to indulge in romance, hot far away lands, the 50's and 60's flash backs and vintage, and anything involving beaches and sunshine.

 Here is a list of great summer girly movies I adore for you to enjoy :)

Beautifully sad, leaving you wanting more. Kirstin Dunst sure is in a lot of my favourite girly movies :)

Takes place in Tuscany, so this would be one of those destination movies I watch just so I can picture my summer there. This one's full of romance and poetry :)

Guilty pleasure. I love Rachel Leigh Cook.

The book is a million times better than this movie, but I love anything that showcases L.A. and the haunting magic within.

A vintage flashback movie taking place in an all girls school. LOVE this movie. My sister and I watched this a million times one summer...

I have also watched this a million times,  love the vintage fashions and "on the road" feeling in this movie.

I watched this last night with Josh, who hadn't seen it. So sexy and kind of reminds me of a 90's Gossip Girl. Great soundtrack too!

This movie has everything I want in a movie. I recommend it to EVERYONE! Directed by Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous), it's falling on the floor hilarious and also a tear jerker. So good.

Whimsical and dreamy :) I like to get lost in this fantasy.

Definite summer time movie that has it's vintage flashback moments, and it also has Winona Ryder who I have a mad girl crush on :)

This was my childhood.... only in the 90s and with more Bart Simpson references.

Ulimate vintage southern bell movie. Perfect for summer night cocktails with your girlfriends.

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