Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Weekend Update meets Rainy unfun Monday.

Good morning internet!
Here in Victoria this past weekend was pretty glorious. Almost like summer. A sneak peak of the warmth to come. Now it's Monday.... the beginning of a week of rain and gloom. I know I don't have work or anything, so it's not too terrible, but my husband will be working long hours this week and I won't have him or the sunshine to keep me company. Le sigh. To keep myself from getting the perpetual rainy days blues I'm going to make a list of lazy, self indulgent tasks for me to complete.
Such as;
watch an entire series of a tv show I haven't seen yet,
sleep 14 hours every night,
have 2 bubble baths a day,
finish my book and start the next in the series,
do lots of yoga in front of the fireplace,
maybe bake something?

Truth is this is exactly what I have been doing for the past 2 months while I've been off work... so it is kind of getting old, and I'm craving adventure and excitement... but I guess it could be worse. Today I'm 34 weeks of pregnant so I only have 6 weeks left of this so I'm going to try to not be bored of it and to enjoy it fully. TRY VERY HARD because it is getting super boring.... at least when it's sunny I can just sit outside and be entertained.

I just need keep looking forward at all the exciting things coming up. This weekend my wife/bff Melissa is coming to visit and we're going to see The Hunger Games and it's my good friend Nathaniel's bday dinner- both of which I'm really looking forward to. Being with my friends always cheers me up. That's something I've learned through pregnancy- the value of friendships and which friends aren't as good to you as you thought they were. I have a lot of amazing, caring friends who have been there for me not just when I'm happy but when I'm sad, hormonal and lonely. But I also have flaky friends who call me less and less, or don't answer my calls because they want to go get wasted and having a pregnant person around is a buzz kill. I guess pregnancy is a good way to weed out the true friends from the fake friends. It's just a shame that the majority of my true friends live elsewhere.

Anyway, at least I got a glimpse of sun over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some weekend highlights;

I sat on my back deck with all some of our new plants and soaked up some delicious sunshine

I watched my sexy burly husband build. He's enclosing our back deck to be a greenhouse/sun room!!

Sunday I went to the beach with my gorgeous friend Amanda, Then enjoyed a mani/pedi with Andrea and Haley. Then back to another beach for a bit. 
I also watched the new episode of Mad Men and cleaned my whole house! Good times.

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