Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

I've been feeling extra pregnant these days and have been staying in bed longer in the morning and going in earlier in the evening. I've been so tired and uncomfortable I forget sometimes to just enjoy these last few weeks of calm before Minnow explodes into our lives. But honestly, I could use some exploding excitement! I feel like all I do these days is wait... and kill time... and wait some more. I'm so ready for her arrival and her upcoming birth I just want to get going already. I know I've mentioned this before but I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!This seems like the longest wait of my life. And I'm being totally impatient. I find myself hoping she comes a couple weeks early, like in 3 weeks when she'll be at 37 weeks and officially full term. I'm not going to lie... I wouldn't mind not being pregnant for an extra 3 weeks. But I do hope she stays in there until at least then. I want her to be healthy and big enough to bring home right away. Oh my goodness I can't wait to snuggle her close and look into her eyes! I keep day dreaming about what she'll look like; will she have my features or Josh's? And when I get bored I go in her bedroom and go through all her clothes and make cute outfits I can't WAIT to dress her up in! I'm so happy to be having a girl :)

This morning as I lied in bed for a ridiculously long time reading the spring edition of In Style I realized- today is the first official day of spring!! :D Which made me realize how fast time has gone since Christmas time, and just how soon my due date really is! Then all the hopes of warm weather and beach days came flooding in! And the possibility of getting back to my normal size and going to hot yoga again! I have so much to look forward to. :)

Here are some pretty springy pictures to get excited about! Enjoy.
Spring colours! (Photo from Pinterest)

Pretty roses. (Photo from Pinterest)

cute idea! (Photo from Pinterest)

My life. (Photo from Pinterest)

lol! (Photo from Pinterest)

This is my goal for the summer with Minnow :) (Photo from Rockstar diaries)

Nice tomatoes you got there ;) (Photo from A well traveled woman)

(Photo from Pinterest)

What a magical little home! (Photo from Pinterest)

Oh hi der. (Photo from Pinterest)

Succulents! (Photo from A well traveled woman)

Love this idea! (Photo from Pinterest)

Last spring in Victoria at Willows beach.

Last spring in Victoria- Beacon Hill Park
Me enjoying the first hot day of spring at Ogden Point Victoria
One of last spring's adventures!

A visit to a nursery last spring

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