Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pursuit of Healthy Ness Returns

Today for lunch I enjoyed a heirloom lettuce leaf Caesar salad with mushrooms, black olives and Havarti cheese, with Josh's home made Italian wedding soup (which is INCREDIBLE) and a glass of whole milk.

I usually drink 1%, but being 31 weeks pregnant I opted for the more fat and calories. Especially since I've been much more nauseous and food sensitive this trimester than the other two, I need all the nutrients and calories I can keep down. I've been taking a B complex vitamin which really helps with the nausea. And milk has always agreed with me, I've been craving it like mad during this pregnancy. At least the little minnow will be getting all the calcium she needs!

It sure can be tricky finding the right food balance when eating for two. I tend to eat the same amount of food, just with more essential fats, carbs and calories than I'm used to. I have a check list of nutrients I try to get in every day, plus a handful of supplements and vitamins to keep the minnow growing strong.

 I have developed this healthy way of eating or the past few years not just because I'm body conscious and like the results, but it's just what truly makes my stomach and body feel good and well nourished. When I do indulge in fast food (which I definitely do, I am human) I feel sick, bloated and strangely hungry an hour later. But when I eat a balanced meal with tons of veggies I feel amazing with tons of energy and no stomach problems. It just makes sense to eat what makes you feel good!

I have been craving a ridiculous amount of chocolate though (I can't seem to get enough!). But I always pay for it with a tummy ache later.  I can't have any amount of sugar without feeling crummy for the rest of the day. Although my sister Brittany made me chocolate cupcakes for my birthday using pumpkin instead of oil and eggs that seemed to agree with me. It made them taste better than any cupcake I've ever had, plus I felt great after eating them. So I guess I found my chocolate loop hole!

It's crazy to think of all the changes and challenges pregnancy puts your body through. It's definitely been a learning experience bringing me even more in tuned with my body then I was before.  Everything you do; exercise, eating, sleeping, and even just sitting takes some adjustment. It's like your body has been hijacked by the tiny person growing in your belly and is not your own anymore. Despite all the discomfort it's an amazing adventure I feel blessed to be able to experience. It's a good prequel to the adventure of motherhood I have before me :) I can't wait!!


  1. Your body, is "our body" and it will be that way for sometime. Enjoy your time as two :) Want some salmon? :P

  2. LOL I definitely am feeling that. I'm secretly hoping she won't want to breast feed for longer than 6 months... cuz then it's not me who stops it and I won't have to feel guilty. lol But of course it OUR body until the minnow is done with me!
    And yes, I'd love some salmon. ;)