Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kaleia is One

This past year has been one of the most transformative years of my life. We started a family, moved to a new and amazing home, I learned to drive, continued to thrive in my yoga practice, and got to work from home spending every minute with my little Minnow.

And now my baby is a year old. She's stomping around the house with purpose, exploring, sightly destroying, and absorbing knowledge about the world around her at an impressive rate. She has her dad's wisdom, and my fierce silliness. She's independent, fearless and strong- never afraid, unless there is a vacuum, hairdryer or lawn mower present. She has my high hips, sparkly eyes and long limbs, Josh's round cheeks and serious expressions. She already has quite and advanced vocabulary and knows many hand signs to tell me what she needs. She is a very good communicator. She does things carefully and methodically- like Josh. She sensitive, compassionate, and dances with wild abandon- like me. She's the perfect blend of our best qualities. We are both endlessly fascinated with everything she does. Loving her has brought us closer. It's wonderful to have someone to share the joys and the sorrows of parenthood.

Her birthday day, well birthday WEEKEND rather, was perfect. I had my best friend and sister staying with us, amazing hot weather, and everything was breezy and carefree. our downstairs neighbor's dog had puppies 4 weeks ago, and they were a wonderful addition to the party. It was like we had our own puppy petting zoo. Brenna (bff) did incredible face painting turning the children into rainbow tigers and zombies. We all chipped in and helped decorate our yard and home with so much balloons, flowers, love and colour, it simply felt magical. Kaleia might not remember it, but that day will always be a special memory to me. I am so endlessly proud of my gorgeous bebe Minnow child. The beautifully wild pixie that has stolen my heart <3 <3

Skye was VERY helpful :)

I adore these two <3

The next day my sister was still in town so we enjoyed the hot weather at the beach.
Island life aint bad at all :)

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