Monday, May 20, 2013

Good night sweet heart..

To my sweet bebe Minnow,

As the sun sets later and later in the day, I find my self rocking you to sleep as the last, lazy rays of sunshine filter through your windows. I marvel at how much you've grown; gone are my tiny baby days with you. It is a pleasure to watch your journey through life's milestones. You have so many condensed milestones in these first few years, each more delightful than the last. I feel so blessed to be able to be there with you through them.

 You meet each new challenge with fierce determination and bravery. Although your adrenaline junkie ways makes my mother's heart clench with worry, I admire your lack of fear. You are teaching me to be more fearless. If ever you do fall, I will always be close behind ready to scoop you into my arms and let you know how precious you are.

My life's work will be making your life whimsical and inspiring your imagination.
We will explore the woods, oceans and mountains together. Running wild and howling at the moon. We will build mud castles while wearing fairy wings.
We will dance each chance we get. Your music knowledge will be immense.
We will  make friends with every animal we encounter- an ability you have already mastered.
I will try everyday to make you smile.
And most importantly, I promise to let you grow into whoever it is you are meant to be.
Without judgement; just love.

I look down at your sleeping face and trace the lines of your ears, as my mother once did to bebe me. All at once brought into a moment, so simple, yet so powerful it makes me catch my breath. You awaken such powerful emotions from within me. Now I place you down to sleep, in the tent in your room (you prefer the tent to the crib, I don't blame you. The tent is pretty bad-ass). I whisper that I love you and image what it will sound like when you can say "I love you too".

Good night my wild-haired pixie child,
I love you to the moon and back

Love Mum mum

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