Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into the Wild

Camping. Is there anything better? Aside from having a farm and living deep in nature- that's the ultimate dream. Until then we'll have to spend weekends camping. 

I loved that there was zero internet or cell phone reception. Not having my iPhone or J's computer to check every other minute enabled me and J to really reconnect and kind of fall in love all over again, while Minnow was safety tucked in at her Gramma's. We needed this. A night alone together in the woods did wonders for our marriage. It's so easy to let the the endless tasks and chores of parenthood scrape away at the romance of a marriage. I think it is very important to still make couple time, away from the beloved child. I believe it's good for the child to create a bond with someone other than their parents. I want her to grow up being independent and self reliant so when I'm not around she can function. Although it's nice to feel needed as a mother, I'm so proud of her easy going ways. I also love the relationship she has with her Gramma.  Some of my best childhood memories were at my grandparents house.

Some woman would scoff at me for leaving my child, like being a good mother means coddling your child and never letting them out of your sight. But I think it's important to have a life outside of motherhood. Just for my own sanity. I love my bebe endlessly, but that doesn't mean I don't have my own interest and hobbies. I am still my own person.

 My mother once gave me this advice "Put your marriage first, they're the one you're going to be with once your kids have grown and left the house. And having a good marriage can only benefit the child". I like to think I put my family first, husband AND child. But I can see what she's saying.

 Even though she was all we could talk about and I really couldn't wait to pick her up. It sure was nice to come home to her and see her get excited to be back with her Mum Mum and Dada.
 I came home feeling refreshed and excited about future camping. We plan to take our little pixie with us next time, we both know she will love it.

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