Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You Grow Girl!

I'm currently planning my planting schedule for this year's garden!!

I'm thinking...
  •  more wild flowers everywhere,
  •  at least 12 hanging plants inside in every room,
  • more succulents
  • more select vegtables and herbs that we actually will use (so excited to use my dehydrator on and stock up on fresh herbs!) 
  • we want to build a trellis around part of our deck for some shade/privacy
Luckily spring is only a few months away for us on the west coast. But my seedlings will be starting inside within the next couple weeks, and then we'll move them to our greenhouse outside!!


I got into gardening when I was prenant with Kaleia. At our old (and I mean OLD) house before we moved to currrent home. Josh enclosed our side deck and we made it our garden, sadly we had to move out months later. Here are some of of happy green memories from that old home....

I miss that greenhouse. But I LOVE our new home. We actually have a yard now, and a deck! Rather than a mud hole with abandon appliances in it. Win! We expanded our garden and into one that actually FED us! And I mean, come on... look how gorgeous it is!

This was just a lawn before we got to it!
This corner of our yard hopefully will have something fun for the kids set up!

We're going to enclose this side deck for our kitties to live, I am so sick of cat hair and litter box smell.
The table and chairs are gone now. We'd like to build the trellis here.

My little garden pixie <3
So many gatherings!

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