Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bathroom Update

As you may know (especially if you follow me on pinterest!) I am kind of obsessed with home decorating. I've been really inspired by rustic decor with a lot of influence from nature.  My goal is to make my home feel like alive- with plants, rocks, feathers, flowers, herbs, bark, driftwood... pretty much anything I can collect from nature. I like the energy of eclectic, bohemian homes full of treasures and greenery. Like maybe there is a witch living there making potions from her herbs in the backyard. Like there may be magic breathing within the walls...

I feel a very spiritual connection with nature. I feel like paganism describes my philosophy on life pretty well. The worship of nature. The elements. The spirit. It's all connected. I think it's because I feel so content and at home in the wilderness, I want to bring that feeling inside. I spend hours outdoors every single day with my daughter- rain or shine. At night I get excited to go to sleep because that means I'm closer to going outside again. I am drawn to the forest, the beaches,  the mountains. I run around the woods near my house as fast as I can feeling free. Even just spending time puttering around my garden fills me with complete bliss. I'm excited to continue on these home projects this year! With every little improvement our home evolves into our dream home <3

So far we have made a few adjustments to our bathroom. This is what it looked like before:
In our old home the brown curtain matched the floor and the walls better. And honestly, I got tired of brown and wanted to keep the bathroom light and airy so we changed the shower curtain, bathmat and towels, and added more bamboo and my new air plants (which are the coolest plants since the don't require soil to grow!). Check it out!

I also updated our shower organizer from a rusty metal one that hung on the shower head to the white corner shelf with more storage. It was an awkward fit at first, Josh had to saw one rod in half to make it fit properly but it really opens up the shower and gives us each a self.

My shelf.

Air plant babies!

I'd love to put a pretty beta fish in with the bamboo, still on the hunt for the perfect little window tank.
We also added his shelf above the door for extra storage!

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