Thursday, December 19, 2013

To do:

I panic sometimes when I realize all of the things I want to do, and how I can't even imagine when I would have time to do them. Mainly- DIYs. I have a HUGE list of home projects to tackle. Such as...

-Refinishing my table and chairs! I want to paint it all and re-upholster the chairs and add a cushion to the bench.
This is the table set we got for only $50! I think it would be a better project to do in the spring/summer out on the back deck.

I really love this finish. My favourite colour is black and I think the dark tones would be nice on the Gothic shape of our chairs. I just require the chairs to be water proof material since I have children (and me...) spilling daily.
-Build a bed platform for Kaleia's bed

With just enough space under for toy storage. I think we might do this one on the weekend!
-reorganize toy situation, closets, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinet... pretty much everything is needing reorganizing (aside from my closet, which I did recently).

-make a head board
I kind of like the idea of having shelves behind so we wouldn't need bed side tables. They take up a lot of room. But not in white. Not sure what colour, maybe dove grey.

-make hanging planters for our bathroom. Also update shower curtain and bath mat.

There just isn't enough time in my day to complete these tasks! I spend my days playing/dancing/reading/adventureing with kids, making food, cleaning (always...), reading books, pinterest, and also trying to visit friends and go on adventures. My evenings are spent either working at Moksha or going to yoga at Moksha. Either way yoga is usually involved. Then family time with my Mr and Minnow. My days and nights are equally full of fun and basically all my favourite things.  I can't complain- I have it pretty good. There are good days and challenging days. I just wish I had about 10 more hours in each day. That's not so much to ask is it? Then I would have more time for all my projects and maybe some more time for yoga and sleep :)

I feel so blessed to be able to live my life exactly how I chose. Surrounded by love and whimsy and full of laughter and light. This makes me happy when skies are grey.

Happy holidays
ness xo

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