Thursday, December 12, 2013


I spent most of my autumn working with kids and at Moksha yoga. My few free hours were spent with my husband and daughter, at yoga,  reading,  on pinterest, watching movies, or hanging out with my sisters. I hibernated and regrouped after a dramatic and fun-filled summer. I needed a little distance from people, so I only surrounded myself with those who love me most. Plus my yoga family.

 With the winter solstice approaching I am feeling ready to come back to the emotional roller coaster that comes with human friendships. But I am definitely a lot more picky about those I do let into my  life and heart. Far too many mean girls I have no time for. Only real friends allowed please.

Here some pictures of my serene autumn days...

The new table and chairs I will be refurbishing (I got it all for $50!)

New Tattoo
messy nessy
her "tattoo"s
This Stitch stuffy is her best friend

Somebody learned to walk!

 hair cut

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