Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girly Winter Movies

 These are my favourite films to watch curled up under a blanket under a pile of kitties, while snowflakes drift through the streets outside. This list is for the winter that remains after the glitz and glamor of the holidays, when all you are left with is cold, less money, and a whole year ahead of you. Slightly melancholy with much needed humor.
If Wes Anderson was a season he'd be winter. Or at least fall. This movie is perfect.

Snowy, moody, and with lots of vintage. Loves it.
This is also a good one to watch while pregnant. Clearly.

Ryan Gosling... I've loved you since Breaker High. Any thing you touch is gold.
Classic. Makes me want to wear long layers of skirts and petticoats and have feasts by the crackling fire.
To remind you that spring is just around the corner!

Just cuz

Shows you all the fun things you could be doing while it's snowing outside!

Enjoy this miserable season in style ;)

And if you'd rather dream of summer to come, check out my Girly Summer Movies!

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